Friday 8.12

“Badger” is an old school Hero WOD we have done a few times before. This time we are mixing it up with TTB. Record your time as is with your other times to see how it compares (it is usually pull-ups not TTB).

WOD: Toes to Bar “Badger”
3 Rounds (Monument Rx)
30 Squat Clean 75/55
20 Toes to Bar
Run 800m

S: 20 Squat Clean 65/45, 20 Situps, Run 400m
L1: 20 Squat Clean, Scaled TTB
Rx+ (Hero Rx): 30 Squat Clean 95/65, 30 Toes to Bar

Extra Work
1. 3 Rounds
30 Walking Lunges, 45/35 plate OH
10 Muscle Ups