Fit Mama x Happy Baby Program


Here at Monument Fitness we are blessed to have our resident pregnancy specialist and physical therapist, Lauren Hicks, as part of our coaching staff. Lauren has been a coach at Monument Fitness for 4+ years, coinciding with her finishing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the MGH School of Medicine. As a mom to a little one herself, Lauren is experienced in every way possible with helping women continue their fitness journey throughout their pregnancy.

Lauren continued training and coaching at Monument up until the day before she gave birth! She also is acutely aware that every woman, every pregnancy, is different. Her goal and our goal here at Monument Fitness is to help you keep some level of fitness throughout your journey while maintaining safety for you and your baby. The healthier the mother, the healthier the baby, and the more a mom can maintain their fitness throughout the pregnancy the easier their recovery is after the fact. Remember, we do what we do in the gym to improve our lives outside of it, and that includes being there for our children now and in our older age!

Some examples of how Coach Lauren can help you understand and navigate your pregnancy in and out of the gym is:

  • Managing sudden spikes in heart rate and/or the feeling of a sudden loss of conditioning in first trimester
  • Understanding that the idea a pregnant woman cannot/should not lift weight is false with no research behind it, but there are also limitations to the type of lifts/movements you should do and how much weight/intensity you should have in your workouts. There will be limits to what you can do for the safety of yourself and the baby and Lauren is here to help you know what these limits are!
  • Signs you can identify that will help you know what is going on with your body and baby in and out of the gym, like can you hold a conversation while working out. If you answer yes, then your intensity is just right!


With the Fit Mama x Happy Baby program, Lauren will give you programming for each day of the week that will have specific scaling and alterations to the daily WOD our classes do here at Monument. This makes it so you can freely attend classes and know ahead of time how you can make changes.

Also, Lauren leads all of our coaches in working with pregnant women in class so every coach will know ahead of time what your scaling will be. You will have nothing to worry about at all times throughout your pregnant fitness journey here at Monument!