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Monday 9.26

Today is the testing day for those doing the Fit for Fall Nutrition Challenge. Check Stacey’s Slack channel for more info if you can’t make it on Monday! MONDAYChallenge Test #1: Back Squat (Any)Find a 1rm WOD: “Fran”21-15-9Thrusters 95/65Pull-ups S:…

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Saturday 9.24

Strength: High Bar Back Squat5-5-5-5-5 WOD: For Time20 Box Jumps 24/2021 Power Snatch 95/6530 Toes to Bar15 Power Snatch20 Toes to Bar9 Power Snatch10 Toes to Bar20 Box Jumps 24/20 S: Step Ups, 65/45, SitupsL1: 75/55, Scaled TTBRx+: 30/24, 115/75…

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Friday 9.23

Army Spc. Hilda Clayton, 22, of Augusta, Georgia, died from injuries sustained when a mortar malfunctioned during an Afghan National Army training exercise in Qaraghahi, Afghanistan. Clayton, assigned to the 55th Signal Company and the 21st Signal Brigade in Fort…

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Wednesday 9.21

WEDNESDAYStrength: Low Bar Back SquatFind a 2rm, PR attempt WOD: For Time30 Deadlift 205/13560 Situps60 Lateral Burpees S: 95/65, 40 situps, 40 burpeesL1: 155/105, 50 situps, 50 lateral burpeesRx+: 245/165 Extra Work1. EMOM 8m: 2 Tng Power Cleanrest 2m then…

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